This is Echo Recovery…

… providing an efficient, effective, professional and top quality repossession/recovery service that is individualized to each of our client’s needs and requirements.

What We’re Up To…

Echo Recovery, LLC is continuing to develop and improve its infrastructure to support our clients, both internally i.e. from an administration perspective, to the external elements i.e. Field Agent training, additional new storage lots, amongst many other things.

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  • How do we deliver such specialized client service?

    Our services extend the length and breadth of the Financial Sector, stretching from the world of the Financial Institution, Banks, organizations, Credit Unions, to key corporate auto finance lenders.

    We develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with our clients, employing the vital requirement of a 2-way open communication system that aids our 'partnership'.

    Our well trained and experienced office staff, drivers and field agents, understand the importance of this tandem relationship with our clients, irrespective of size or location.

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  • Our Experience

    We have a combination of over 55 years of experience within our industry to get the job done.

  • Our Assets Are Your Assets

    We use the latest technology and equipment to efficiently and effectively recover your assets.

  • Our Care For You

    Our Account Executives are assigned individual clients to provide them with a personalized service and support.